Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Lunge vs Yeoow!!

WOD (Idea thanks to CrossFitSouthBay)

Go from the "Hanging Tree" to the "Pole" & back

2 rounds.

10 Walking Lunges then drop and do
2 Push-Ups.

All the way there... & back. Twice **

We never know when a good lunge will come in handy. I'm sure we all could think of hundreds of examples :)

Keep the chest up & just kiss the knee with the back leg. You should be pushing straight up with your front leg, and just using your back leg for balance, not "pushing" with your back leg to get you up. This will activate your glutes a wee bit better (Lisa:) Your weight should be in the heel of the front foot, and to the outside of the foot, if anything. Do your best to keep that front knee in line with the foot, and keep it from collapsing inward when your driving upward! and Remember you're walk-lunging on railroad tracks, not a tightrope :)

Check out the video here (same as above)

This is a video of Luge, something completely different.

**The "Hanging Tree" is where we did the bodyweight rows. The pole is the one we ran around just the other day during warm ups.

Have fun!

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