Monday, July 20, 2009

Feel the Burn!

(CFT is out of town, there will be 3 workout posted this and next week, one each for Monday, Wednesday & Friday, you should be able to do these on your own)


Tabata Something Else

Do 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. (1 round)
8 rounds each of the following.


The total workout should take exactly 16 minutes. 4 minutes of each movement before moving onto the next. (8 rounds of Squats, then 8 rounds Push-Ups....)

Tabata, called Chewbacca by some (don't ask), is a 20 second work, 10 second rest interval. The prescribed length of a "Tabata Drill" is 4 minutes, or 8 rounds. If you want to make this really interesting, "rest" at the bottom of the Squats & Push-ups (with muscles engaged, not resting with your but/chest on the ground) and "rest" at the top of the Sit-Up (without hugging the knees) & Pull-Up (with chin over the bar).

Your SCORE for the rounds is your LOWEST number of reps for the 20 second interval for that exercise. (If your squat rounds were 15-15-13-12-9-6-6-6, your score would be 6) You should be gunning for at LEAST a score of 15 for all of these!

Do what you can, if you can't do Pull-Ups, find a good substitution.


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