Monday, August 10, 2009

Blame your Parents!


5 rounds

20 Lunges
10 Pushups
20 SitUps

There are a lot of things we can't blame on our parents, and some things we can. We are gifted, for better or worse, with the genetic code of our parents getting it on some lucky night many years ago. There are some great things, no doubt, you've received from them. Maybe your height, eye color, or smooth skin is due largely to being genetically fortunate. There may be other things that you wish you hadn't got, like a propensity for heart disease, or certain types of cancer.

There's good news! It turns out that you can actually have quite a bit of control over how many genes manifest. Specifically the ones that cause our demise. The bad news is that your habits activate or deactivate these genes. And the area we have the most control over this control? The kitchen. You can beat (to a large extent) cancer & heart disease in the kitchen. Just ask Dr. Barry Sears, all of his male family died of heart disease in there early 50's, he is now 62, and still up and around giving lectures. It's not rocket science, it's dietary science.

There will be more about what exactly we should be doing about what we eat later in the week :)

Till then...

PS. Prepare for more intense workouts soon! We may have a surprise coming up!

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