Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome Back!!


7 rounds of

7 Burpees
70 Meter Sprint
7 Tuck Jumps

When we're on break, or vacation, we often encounter foods that we wouldn't eat at home. I feel it's okay to bend the rules a little bit (or maybe a lot :) when you're out of town. If you're putting in the effort here at home, when you're off, be off. These past 10 days, I only worked out three times. I drank a bit, and ate a bit more. I know that I'm going to be sore the next few days, and I'm actually looking forward to getting back in the wagon. Here's to hoping peeps are looking forward to some good workouts together again!

PS. CrossFit Thrive may have some fun announcements coming up in the near future, it's all good!

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