Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eat it!


Find your 1 rep max Clean, then...

100 Burpees

If you wanna be fancy, you can take a nod from CrossFit Hollister and do Medicine Ball Burpees. (just hold a med ball for the entire movement)

Went to a really great Zone lecture & Q&A with the man Dr. Barry Sears yesterday. It reinvigorated my mind to the true connection that food plays in our overall health. It's the most powerful drug we take. And we take it three times a day or more. Suffice to say that the Zone principle, plus some fish oil, have shown promise with conditions ranging from weight loss to cancer. After doing some more refreshing with the Zone, expect some more info coming soon.

It was also great to connect with some really great CrossFitters after at the dinner. A shout out to all the people I got to shake hands with: Dr. Barry Sears, Mike, Doug, Greg A., Kaitlin, Tony, Don, Mike, Alex, Beth, Nicole, K(Ch?)ristine, Katherine, Kate, Will, Lisa, and, of course, Greg Glassman.

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