Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/09/09 @ 9:09 AM--Official Opening Day WOD!

"The Whole 9 Yards"
CrossFit Thrive Opening Day WOD

9 wall balls
9 push-ups
9 squats
9 body-weight rows
9 broad jumps
9 pull-ups
9 box jumps
9 burpees
99m run

3 rounds or 9 min 9 sec

Thank you to our inaugural workout CrossFitters: (from left) Serena Kwan, Jenn Murphy, Steven Merriweather, CrossFit Intrepid Owner Ruth Yu, CrossFit Thrive Owner Max Shippee, Avelyne Malonzo, & Boxing Works Owner Bryan Popejoy!


  1. Today was great (in that sucky, painful way that is text book CF), thanks for the WOD! I look forward to being part of another amazing CF community! Thanks Max

  2. 12:32, i think was my time... either way i had a good time and thanks for letting me participating in your first wod!

  3. Uhh... something like 15:52. Do I win a prize for slowest time of the day?

    Max, thanks for the WOD and congratulations on your new box -- the space is awesome!

  4. looks like a good time! hope to come down in the near future. Best of Luck

  5. Congrats Max! The space is awesome :) Thanks for letting me be a part of your inaugural WOD this morning...

  6. Max,

    What a great use of the number 9 :)

    I wish could have been there. Hopefully I can catch up with you soon.

    It looks like you are off to a great start!


  7. Thanks everyone! It was a great day for sure.